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You have reached wingedspirit.net, my personal domain!

This domain is currently undergoing renovations, so the content is a bit sparse. The old content is still where it used to be; however, for the time being, it is no longer linked from the main page. (In other words: I'm trying to decide what I want to keep, what I want to change, and so on, in terms of the content that I already have. If you know the directory the sub-site was located in, you can still get there; but I do not really feel comfortable directing new visitors to the website to years-old content.)

I will update the content as frequently as I can, but it will naturally take me some time to have everything back in working order. In the meantime, feel free to contact me if you need anything.

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Opposable thumbs are such a wonderful thing. I wish I was able to use mine without pulling off my bandage (bad) or pulling on my wound and making it hurt like hell (worse). *sigh* I hate feeling helpless.... (Posted October 12, 2008. Go to weblog?)

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Winged // my weblog. Being the site that is easiest to keep up to date and generate content for, it's the first to re-appear. I have something to say about anything, you will usually find it here.